Are They Watching Me?

Posted June 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered if the apps you use are spying on you? Here is how to find out!!

One of the worst kept secrets is that some apps, like to keep tabs on what you are doing.

Everyone has had that feeling or experience. Your talking at the coffee shop about a product or service, or even a holiday you would like to take.

You go online and all the ads are for that exact thing you were talking about. People say things like ‘Oh that’s weird’. It’s more than a coincidence, surely???

There was not a lot of control around the info our apps could gather about us, until recently.

Android and iOS  were the first to step up,  providing us with more control over our online privacy. They have given us the ability to control the apps that could access our data, and sensitive information and things like our camera and microphone.

Its easy to concentrate on our mobile Phones as the big issue, but all mobile devices have the same issue, including your laptop.


But Good news is here. Microsoft is testing a brand new feature in Win 11, to put the power back in the users hands.

‘Privacy Auditing’, as it has been named, is currently being tested. It will allow the user (you and I) to see which apps are accessing the hardware, like your Mic and Camera.

Plus you can look to see if any of your data has been accessed, such as contacts, screenshots, messages etc. There will be a log to tell you when, by which app etc

When everyone has this feature, it will be available in your Privacy & Security menu, under App Permissions.

That’s where you will be able to view that log of what has been accessed, by who (which app), and when. This will become the first port of call when you suspect something suspicious is happening on you laptop

It will be great to periodically, to check the log so you can avoid harmful activity and make sure you data remains in your hands. We just have to wait for the release.

The extra good news is that you can ask an IT professional to look over your permissions on your device and restrict access now. Just get in touch today.


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