Better Video Calls

Posted May 24, 2022

3 easy Ways to up your video call game

In the first lockdowns in early 2020, did you sit at your desk, computer on, and think “I really like working from home”?

Or were you the complete opposite; desperate to get back into the office and to talk with other people?

It doesn’t matter which one was you or if you still feel the same now – Hybrid working seems here to stay.

Some people are in the office. Some are at home. The days of having everyone together at the same time are gone. Maybe forever.

Which means that video meetings are staying as well.

If you want better video calls, you need to invest in your video call setup, here are three easy ways for you to up the game.

Number 1 – improve your picture quality.

Having a HD webcam can instantly improve the way you look on a screen.

Don’t use the built-in camera on your laptop. it s OK, but that’s it Cheap webcams are the same

Another option is to use an old smartphone. The cameras in most modern phones are great. And it’s really easy to link them up to your computer using a free app, like Iruin.

Number 2 – the sound.

What is it like listening to people on your calls? What is it like for others listening to you? Most video apps have a test audio function, so you can check out the quality.

Your Laptop/built in Mic, is going to be cheaper and not great quality, our advice is to get a decent USB Microphone.

Or buy a headset with a mic built in. If you work in a noisy office or home, not only will people you call be able to hear you better, you’ll hear them better as well.

Number 3 – Lighting

Even the best camera will find it difficult to make you look great with rubbish lighting.

Using natural light is the best solution, so sit facing a window while you are on your calls. That’s also a decent view when working.

But if that is not possible, or practical, try a ring light, this will light up your face. Some USB cameras even have these built in for you.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive option. You can get great ring lights without spending a fortune.

To get full control over the lighting, try using two LED lights. You can then adjust to light the scene, as some of these will allow you change the colour, the warm of the white and to match natural daylight, giving you a consistent look on every call.

Wan to reduce the clutter on your desk? Or to repeat at home and in the office quickly? try a webcam with built-in microphone AND ring light. What you lose in control you gain in convenience and ease

You don’t have to be an expert to set these solutions up. You can get them all working with minimal technical know how and make your next video call look more professional.

Need specific recommendations on which accessories to buy? Get in touch.


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