Don’t Use Those Password Managers!

Posted May 3, 2022

Never use your browser’s password managers

Microsoft is always bringing out new features and services to try and keep you and your team safer online, and your business data secure.

As a business owner or manager, hopefully already know that weak or reused passwords are one of the biggest risks to data security. pasword1234! is not safe!!

one of the latest updates coming soon to Microsoft Edge will give you access to a new and improved password management feature. This will allow you to keep all your passwords within your browser automatically, giving you a cost-effective way to avoid password-based cyber-attacks.

However. Although this is more secure than using the same login details across multiple apps, our advice would be to avoid browser-based password managers in your business. Yes Avoid all of them.


Because they’re not flexible enough and don’t give enough control to you, the business owner or Boss – especially when a team member leaves.

With a dedicated password manager, you can remove someone’s access to all their applications at the push of a button. You can also access their login details if you need to, so changing password in applications is easier

You still benefit from secure encryption, but it also works across all devices, including different browsers and Mobiles.

A separate password manager is also a lot more secure, which is highly important when you have multiple team members using your applications, each with their own login details.

And as an extra, your password manager will generate strong random passwords for you; remember them; and auto complete the login boxes.

That means you’ll have even better protection from brute force attacks, where cyber criminals try to guess your passwords.

If you don’t already use a password manager in your business, it’s about time you did. It’s an extra layer of data security that you really shouldn’t be without.

There are lots of password managers about. Would you like to know which one we currently recommend? Get in touch and we’ll tell you.


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