Is Remote Working Right For Your Business?

Posted August 2, 2022

Some people love it, and its one of the biggest things in business right now. Team members that are enjoying it, are much happier working when and where they want. It can make them more productive and less likely to look else where for work.

Every one talks about the plus side, but have you ever looked at the negatives to remote working? How these elements can impact you team and business.

With a lot of team members happy to work from home, to use tools like Teams and Zoom to video call and to collaborate, there is a number that are finding the whole situation sole destroying. And when they feel like this, it has the complete opposite affect, with a drop in happiness and motivation, which in turn leads to a drop in productivity, and performance problems which can be harder to identify.

There is the potential for people becoming burnt out, as they line between work time and personal time. That line would normally be there commuting time, and change in environment, allowing people to turn off from work, or to get ready, and its extremely important to some.

For staff retention, you will want a satisfied work force there are some practical considerations you will need to think about. these are things like the cost of remote working, does every member of the team have the right software and tools to do their job – Laptops, phone, stationary, Printer, Firewalls. is there Internet quick enough to allow them to use the video calling software?

For ease, do they need the same set up at home as they have at their desk? do you need to create a hot desk environment?

And what about the cyber security? it is extremely important to have full protection of your business data where ever they are working.

We can help you audit and suggest options to your current set up, this is something we work on every day with our clients. Just get in touch

Remote working

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