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Top Tips, Power Automate

This Weeks Top Tips There’s so much more to Microsoft 365 than just Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. You’d be surprised by how much useful software is hidden in your subscription. In this video, we look at a productivity tool that lets you automate tasks across different apps. https://calendly.com/james-uptech/30-minute-business-review For

No more passwords, Kings Lynn IT Support

Thousands of staff in Norfolk could wave goodbye to the frustration of logging in to apps this year, as Microsoft declares open war on passwords. Instead, people could be using biometrics – such as their fingerprints – to access data on their computers. The tech giant has set out a

Mondays Moment 22nd February 2021

Mondays Moment, Thoughts, IT Support

Mondays Moment James gives his thoughts on his fundraising, the past week and how to talk to us. Look out for his book going live tomorrow as a download. Got questions? book your meeting here

Email Hijack, Bank Hack

The Email Hijack. Imagine coming back from holiday. And discovering £12,000 had been stolen from your business bank account… No matter what your turnover is, that scenario would be a total nightmare, wouldn’t it? But perhaps you’re confident that it could never happen to your business. Well, let me gently

Top Tips 15022021

Top Tips, Power Automate

One Bad Email, that is all it takes. We look at this in this week’s Top tips Cybercrime is the biggest threat to UK businesses, Not Covid. You can see what a big threat it is when you understand the 1-1-1 rule. We explain it in this week’s video. Book

OH NO!! Ive Been Burgled!

Oh no Ive been Burgled, Breaking in

It’s 8 am, you get to the office and your front door has been kicked in. ‘I’ve Been Burgled’. Strange, you walk into your office and there are dirty footprints. You check the safe, it’s still locked. The TV is still on the wall, the computers are still on the

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Monday’s Moment 15022021

Its Monday’s Moment! This week James talks about his Fundraising He also talks about why SME’s are at risk from Cybercrime. Attitude!! Book a call back  

Gold Partner

Datto Gold Partner

Uptech is pleased to announce that we have achieved Gold Partner status with Datto. Datto provides enterprise-grade technology to protect our clients business data, ensure ongoing connectivity and provide secure file collaboration and endpoint backup To find out how you can benefit from this please book a business review with

Top Tips 10/02/21

Top Tips, Power Automate

Computers get slower over time. It happens gradually, so you don’t always notice it as it is happening. Next to each other, a 3-year-old computer will be so much slower than a newer version. But there’s another big downside of older tech that scares most IT people…… To Find out

Top 5 Questions Download File

More frequently than ever before, we’re receiving calls and enquiries from businesses like yours, who are unhappy with their current IT partner or service provider. And we have noticed a trend… a lot of business owners and managers like you want more. There are 5 questions to ask. More than you’re

Monday’s Moment 08/02/21

Mondays Moment, Thoughts, IT Support

This week James talks about Fundraising and a client project. To Find out how you can help, Get in touch today