“Juice Jacking”: A Public Charging Risk to Watch Out For

Posted May 9, 2023
Juice jacking

Are you a frequent traveler who needs to charge your devices on the go? We at Uptech Ltd want to alert you to the latest security threat known as “juice jacking.”

Public charging points, found in airports, hotels, cafes, and shopping centers, are convenient, but they may also put your devices at risk. Criminals have discovered a way to use USB ports to install malware and monitoring software onto devices as they charge.

While “juice jacking” was previously thought to be more of a theoretical risk, the required technology has become smaller, cheaper, and more accessible. As a result, even less sophisticated criminals are now using this technique.

The most common charging cables, such as USB-C and lightning, have pins for both charging and data. When you charge your device, you only use the charging pins. However, a compromised charging port or a cable that someone has left behind could use both charging pins and data pins without your knowledge.

Criminals who use the data pins can install malware onto your device, giving them access to your credentials and other data. It’s similar to plugging your phone into someone else’s laptop.

To avoid the risk of “juice jacking,” we recommend always carrying your own charger and cable and plugging it into a power outlet. If you have no choice but to use a public USB port, invest in a USB data blocker. This device prevents data from being transferred, but your device will still charge.

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