July 2023 Technology Insider

Posted July 13, 2023

Boosting Team Engagement with Better Technology

Welcome to the July 2023 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter, where we explore how enhancing your technology stack can lead to improved team engagement. In a world where everyday pressures are mounting, maintaining high levels of motivation, loyalty, and happiness among your employees becomes increasingly challenging. If financial constraints prevent you from aligning wages with inflation, it’s time to consider alternative strategies to keep your team inspired.

Unleashing the Power of Better Technology

Could better technology hold the key to unlocking your team’s engagement potential? Discover how leveraging advanced tech solutions can revolutionize the way your employees work, collaborate, and excel in their roles. By investing in the right tools, you can foster a vibrant work environment that drives productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction.

In This Edition:

  1. The Latest Security Update: OneNote Stay up to date with the newest security enhancements for OneNote, ensuring your team’s data and information remain protected. Discover the powerful features and updates that will enhance collaboration and streamline productivity within your organization.
  2. Reporting Cyber Attacks: What You Should Know Learn the importance of reporting cyber attacks and how it contributes to a safer digital landscape. Gain insights into the steps to take when facing a potential security breach, protecting your business, and mitigating potential damages.
  3. Farewell to Teams Backgrounds (Kind of) Explore the evolving landscape of virtual backgrounds in Microsoft Teams. Discover the new alternatives and features that offer greater flexibility and customization options for your virtual meetings and presentations.

Also Featuring:

  • Tech Facts: Fascinating insights and statistics from the ever-evolving world of technology.
  • Tech Quiz: Test your knowledge with our engaging tech quiz and challenge your colleagues to beat your score.

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