Keeper: Simple and secure password management for your business.

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    keeper password manager

    Password Pain Gone!

    • Long, complex, unique passwords are required to stay secure, but it is almost impossible to remember them all.
    • Keeper remembers all your passwords for you.
    • MFA is a complete pain to use, but it is needed.
    • Keeper handles your MFA; it even auto-fills and submits it for you.

    Keeper MSP includes

    • An encrypted vault for every user, with folder and sub-folder functionality
    • The ability to create shared team folders
    • Access from unlimited devices
    • A strong policy engine with enforcement
    • Built-in continuous security adult and alerting
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Single Sign-On
    • Active Directory and LDAP sync
    • SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
    • Email auto-provisioning and ability for command-line provisioning
    • Developer APIs for password rotation and backend integration
    • Breachwatch© by Keeper
    • 1TB Secure Storage

    Key Features Include

    • Breachwatch© scans employees’ Keeper vaults for passwords that have been exposed on the dark web and notifies users to take action. It also informs the administrator whether that employee has resolved the exposed password or ignored it.
    • Keeper provides password security visibility with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.
    • A comprehensive administration console which allows Keeper to be distributed managed and monitored across the entire organisation and enforce password security, 2FA and other policies.

    Why use a password manager?

    Using a password manager has become crucial in addressing the challenges of maintaining strong and unique passwords for various accounts. While it has long been advised to use complex passwords for each login, the impracticality of this task for individuals has become evident. Many people resort to using one or two passwords for convenience, inadvertently leaving themselves and their businesses vulnerable to hacking threats. Recognizing the need for improved password hygiene is essential, considering that a compromised password is often the only barrier preventing unauthorized access.

    A password manager offers a comprehensive solution to both security and productivity concerns. It enables users to generate and store long, complex passwords securely in a vault, eliminating the need to remember them individually. With a single click, these passwords can be automatically filled in when accessing specific websites. Additionally, for those employing Two-Factor Authentication, the password manager streamlines the process, reducing the reliance on text message codes without compromising security. Moreover, for businesses, the password manager addresses the risk associated with employee turnover by providing immediate control over user credentials, allowing for smooth transitions and safeguarding sensitive information.

    In summary, a password manager is indispensable, offering benefits such as enhanced security, compliance with recommended practices, increased productivity, and control over user access. Partnering with Keeper Security, a market-leading password management tool, ensures comprehensive coverage for these critical needs. Contact us for more information and start your free trial today to experience the advantages of robust password management.