Microsoft Paint’s AI Upgrade in Windows 11

Posted January 2, 2024

Happy New Year!

Do you recall Microsoft Paint, the iconic drawing tool cherished for its simplicity? Prepare to be astonished by its resurgence in relevance, especially with a game-changing AI-powered enhancement in Windows 11.

The big revelation? Microsoft Paint, now infused with Dall-E 3 support, introduces Cocreator, an AI marvel poised to redefine your creative endeavors.

Cocreator, reminiscent of Bing AI’s features, isn’t just a mere image creation tool. It transforms your description into stunning visual representations, wielding the power of specified art styles for remarkable outcomes.

While initial adoption witnessed a few bumps, the buzz around its efficacy speaks volumes about its potential.


According to Windows Latest, Cocreator exits its testing phase, ready to revolutionize graphic creation for all Windows 11 users. Not seeing the feature yet? Fear not; its widespread release is imminent. Ensure you’re running the latest Paint version or sign up for the waiting list as prompted.

But wait, there’s more! Paint’s resurgence isn’t confined to Cocreator alone. Imagine transparency effects, layer functionality, and seamless background removal – features elevating not only Paint but also other core Windows 11 applications.

You may wonder, “How does this benefit my business?” Consider the prospect of effortlessly crafting custom graphics for presentations, reports, or social media posts in seconds. Cocreator democratizes graphic design, saving time and resources without the need for pricey software or extensive training.

Eager to embark on this creative journey at the onset of the new year? Ensure Windows 11 is at your service. If tech assistance or Windows 11 installation support is on your agenda this year, reach out – we’re here to help.

Wishing you a tech-savvy and prosperous year ahead!