Stop Spam, Get more Time back!

Posted June 21, 2022

Every Year businesses lose hundreds of hours to spam!

We all get them, we all hate them. Spam Emails?

There is the pain of sorting through them and clearing them from your inbox. It’s a productivity killer for your business.

Following a recent report, it has been highlighted that your employees are losing around 80 hours every 12 months, going through and cleansing their inbox.

That’s a HUGE amount of lost productivity!!

Upto 85% of emails delivered and written every day are spam emails. Scarily, these can be malicious, loaded with Ransomware and malware to infect your systems


We don’t all receive the same amount of emails every day, but the loss of hours adds when filtering and cleaning up.

When an team member gets 30 external emails, they will get around the same in spam emails. Sorting and cleaning through those emails, adds up to about 5 hours each year being lost per person.

Double that too 60 emails per day and you are at 11 hours lost! And for those getting 10 emails per day, that becomes 80 hours lost to filtering and cleaning, which is a loss of productivity

Adding that up for each member of your team and it becomes a big number.

As a good percentage will be phishing emails, where a threat actor is looking for you to click a link and accidentally give them access to your business data, it’s a massive risk to you finances.

There are, of course, a number of things you can do to cut down on the lost time, by dealing with the spam emails. The first is spam filters, from your email service or even better specific service for Anti Spam and Anti Phishing.

Providing the training to make members of your team aware of the risks and what they look like, how to spot phishing emails or spam, is highly effective in cutting the lost productivity hours and reducing your risk.

For help on spam filters or staff awareness training, give us a call.


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