Think School Broadband? Think Uptech

We are a Schools Broadband Platinum Partner, a specialist Internet Service Provider to the education market, delivering faster broadband connections, together with a globally unique web filtering and network protection service.

All Inclusive Service
Our hosted system means there is no expensive equipment for schools to store or maintain or any hefty licence fees to pay. Our broadband service is all-inclusive, with absolutely no hidden extras, and gives you fully customisable, Ofsted compliant web filtering for all on and off-site school devices. As part of the same standard package, we provide unparalleled network protection, plus we give you the freedom to increase the number of internet users as and when you need, at no extra cost. It is this that sets us apart from any other internet service provider.

Complete Protection
Our network design ensures all your incoming and outgoing network traffic passes through our hosted filtering and security platforms. This ensures 100% of your school’s traffic is completely safe before it enters your school, keeping your network and your students fully protected.