Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Don’t be the next victim of a cyber-attack – take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation, cybersecurity risk assessment to ensure your defenses are up to scratch.


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Take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation, Cyber Security Risk Assessment.

We’ll provide a report of your IT security health status and identify any areas for improvement.

The Risk assessment itself is based upon the NIST framework from the US, which is the framework used for the UK’s Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials is the Government’s Minimum Standard for protecting data. The Risk Assessments can be completed remotely, taking around 25 minutes on a video meeting, phone call, or on premises. Once completed a report is generated within 5 minutes that can be emailed to the user, for use in-house with an existing IT company, or Uptech can be employed to make the improvements.

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