Professional and proactive IT solutions, flexible enough to grow with your business

Complete range of IT services and support

We believe that every business should have an IT system, that enables them to be more productive and to be more profitable. But even more importantly we want to make the lives of the Business owner and their staff (they use the IT more) easier and more enjoyable.

We do this by covering the  main reasons why your IT is making your life difficult:

1. Managed IT Support – Are you getting the right IT support? Are you worried that asking for support, will come with a big bill? Does it take hours for your IT support to respond?

2. Cyber Security – Do you have the right security in place for your business data? Do you have more than just Anti-Virus? Think Backup is too expensive? Cyber Essentials – Government Minimum standards for Cyber Security

3. IT Kit – Do you have the right equipment in place? IT Kit is an investment, it helps your business function. We understand this and advise on what you need to be doing.

4. OFFICE 365 – Business applications, with Cloud storage and access. Do you need this set up and working for you? Would you like more information?

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What sets us apart?

  1. We provide a service that looks after your business needs, packaged up in a monthly payment.
  2. We make sure your IT is secure, and your business is safe.
  3. We are your Trusted IT advisors. Giving you the advice when you need it.


What we do and what can you expect from Uptech’s business IT solutions.

File Storage solutions


We offer a comprehensive suite of information resources, solutions and consultancy services that help organisations prepare for the GDPR.

Cloud services


Uptech can help you understand cloud storage technology and help you chose the best option for your business.

Server support


We understand the challenges that businesses face day in day out, and we know the importance of an IT infrastructure that accommodates your needs.

Remote suppote


Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more annoying than time wasted trying to sort out those irritating little IT support issues…

IT Support


Our 24/7 managed education suite will ensure that your school is kept safe and secure at all times.

Chat support


Using your internet line for telephone calls and getting rid of the need for expensive telephone line rental is becoming increasingly important.

Wifi Services


Whether you need connectivity for a small office or a large hotel, several premises or both public and private networks, Uptech can help.

CCTV service


Whether it’s for peace of mind home security or to increase business productivity, Uptech has the solution.



Problems with your computer? We can offer remote support with our remote support clients available to download.