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New Features in Windows 10

New features

 And its from Windows 11! I don’t think anyone can deny that windows 11 has loads of really great features. We have held back for a while letting our clients update to it, to make sure it was ok (we have all been burnt before). If you can not upgrade

August Technology Insider

Aug Tech Insider

Who else is sick of spam? Hello and welcome to the August 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. No-one likes spam. It’s not just a pain (and a security risk) in your inbox. It also chews up your team’s time dealing with it. There’s a guide in this month’s

Under Pressure?

Under Pressure

One of the biggest threats to Business right now, are Phishing Scams. 83% of organisations, have said they have been caught out by an attack in the last year. under a third of Phishing Emails are actually opened, so the chances of getting one and opening it are high. Just

Video Calls Every Day?

How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget We have all been on calls where someone on that call looks and sounds terrible! It can be the rubbish angle of the laptop webcam, built in and looking up your nose. The lighting is not right and they

Remote working

Some people love it, and its one of the biggest things in business right now. Team members that are enjoying it, are much happier working when and where they want. It can make them more productive and less likely to look else where for work. Every one talks about the


Most people who rely on Teams,  love Teams. There’s no disputing that. But it can be annoying. Like as the way it opens automatically when you start up your Windows 11 computer, and takes ages to load. It’s really simple to change that behaviour. Our new video shows you how.

The Global Chip Shortage

Global chip Shortage

How is the global chip shortage affecting your business? Over the last 2 years, the world has struggled with the massive chip shortage. Its not just tech businesses that are being hurt by this. Its not just the laptops and desktops that we use, its the appliances at home and

Staff working remotely?


Do you have any of your staff working remotely? This is really important for you to get on top off. Having members of your team working remotely or on a hybrid basis is now pretty normal. In fact it can be really important for the retention of staff and attracting

July’s Technology Insider

Tech Insider

Hybrid working: Hate it or rate it? Hello and welcome to the July 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. How do you feel about hybrid working, the mix of working remotely and in the office? Working from home has a very specific effect on your team’s productivity – and we

What is E.O.S?


E.O.S = Entrepreneurial Operating System How can this help your business focus on Growth? We spend a lot of time talking about operating systems, we are IT professionals! With out the likes of Windows, or IOS, your devices will not work. But we have realised that businesses are benefiting from an

Those Apps

Some of the Apps you employees are using could be a security risk, and they just wont stop using them. We all use apps these days, and a lot of the apps and software have probably changed since the start of the covid pandemic. Its not surprise they have changed

AI changes

AI Changes

New approach to leadership approach to AI from Microsoft An AI tool that could not only recognise our facial features, but also identify our mood, Microsoft have decided to retire and rework. Experts have highly criticised Azure face, as they believe an emotion recognition tool, as they believe it violates

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