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Hello and welcome to the May 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. The development of the world’s productivity software has been amazing over the last couple of years. In our lead story this month, we ask you the simple question: If you could wave a magic wand, what application

We have all seen a LOT of change over the past couple of years. The way we work, has changed. The way we shop. And the way we interact with friends, family, colleagues and everyone else. But how has your business changed? What change do you need to make in

Three new Teams features


Three new Teams features to look forward to having!  The use of MS Teams has increased massively in the last few years, and it now has 270 million people using it every single month. It was the right solution at the right time when we all had to rush to

Password manager

Never use your browser’s password managers Microsoft is always bringing out new features and services to try and keep you and your team safer online, and your business data secure. As a business owner or manager, hopefully already know that weak or reused passwords are one of the biggest risks

Try Microsoft Lists Over the past couple of years we have all benefited from some new productivity tools. It’s been a massive help! But if your main problem is just getting stuff organised, there’s nothing better than a list. Especially using Microsoft’s List tool. Watch our latest video to see

Every business we support that relies on Teams agrees it’s an incredible tool for communication and collaboration. We’re full of clever tricks you can do with Teams. Here are three you might not have seen before. For more info on Teams, click here. Want to know more? Contact us here.

As a business owner or manager, having great IT is Important. Your business can not function without it. IT isn’t just about computers and data. It’s everything from your phone system, to your printers, to where you access your documents. And that’s without going into the processes and procedures you

Still working at 10pm?

Are your team working late?

If you have people working remotely in your business, you’re probably used to emails and chats flying around at all hours of the day or night. Working from home has been a game changer for some. Team members can be more flexible with their time during the day, fitting in

Moving to Cloud?


Your must have cloud migration strategy checklist. If you have ever thought about moving your business’s data and applications over to a cloud solution, you can be forgiven for breaking out in a cold sweat and then binning the idea. Its daunting, it’s complex. And there are so many things

A third of employees want an Apple product from you Hello and welcome to the April 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. We’ve been looking at some stats about employee expectations of the technology they get from a new employer. A third of them want Apple products… even though

You need this feature We all have different ways of doing things at work. Some of us like to have a minimal amount of things displayed on our screens. Others thrive when absolutely everything is open and in sight. But we can all agree that having 20 tabs open in

Russian cyber-attack threat

How to protect your business The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks. While many of the threats are between these two countries, there is very real possibility for other countries to fall victim to cyber-attacks, thanks to the sanctions placed upon Russia. Over

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