Managed Server & IT Support, Norfolk

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Hacking, cyber attacks, ransomware – just the words are enough to send most people into a panic with the threat they pose to individuals and businesses. Even something as seemingly straightforward as a slow internet connection can hinder or even halt productivity.

The managed server suite offers complete peace of mind from such issues. Consistent tracking of domain emails and passwords keeps your business risk-free. We constantly monitor for stealthy cyber attacks that can catch you unaware and we carry out automated system patching to the most up-to-date levels.

Our protection is 24/7, meaning you can have complete peace of mind. The remote monitoring application, which is managed by a Network Operations Centre (NOC), will detect issues and automatic patching will resolve the problem.

Anti-ransomware is covered 24/7 too by a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and our internet speed, fault monitoring and reporting ensures you and your business stay connected, at maximum speed.

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