Some Apps you are using are a Risk!

Posted July 12, 2022

Some of the Apps you employees are using could be a security risk, and they just wont stop using them.

We all use apps these days, and a lot of the apps and software have probably changed since the start of the covid pandemic. Its not surprise they have changed as we all had to make massive changes to the way communicated and worked together.

To start with, it was a bit of stab in the dark, as people went looking for tools that where available ‘cheaply’ and easily. But, now we have adjusted to this new ‘flexible’ way of working, businesses can chose the software that works for them.

But employees are renowned for not liking change. this means they probably don’t like or agree with the tools and software. Some are still using he ones they prefer, ignoring the fact that it could pose a security risk to the business.

A recent study found a huge 92% of employees want to control the software they use on their devices. 51% of employees are still using apps banned by businesses. Its putting Business owners and IT Departments in a difficult position.

By blocking apps and software employees could feel untrusted and unvalued. This can also lead to frustration, which in turn leads to a reduction of motivation. this negative impact can be huge on your business.

However, not tackling the issue can be as bad, if not worse. Apps and sore that are unvetted can be a huge security risk, leaving you business data available to ransomware and malware.

Is there an Answer?

Having an open , honest and frank discussion with your team, is a great place to start. A great to do this is to ask for feedback on the apps and software you are wanting to use. Remember that it is you staff that will be using it every day.

The look at their idea on the different versions, if the main thoughts are the ones you are using are not right, and look at the viability.

Making every on in the team aware of the risks, and that they fully understand them, when using the unproven software and apps and the possible impact on the business.

You whole team using the same apps and software? its a good idea to keep them educated on the latest cyber security initiatives.

Would you like some help finding the most suitable productivity and communication tools for your business? We have loads of business owners, managers etc do this. So get in touch.


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