Three new Teams features

Posted May 10, 2022

Three new Teams features to look forward to having! 

The use of MS Teams has increased massively in the last few years, and it now has 270 million people using it every single month.

It was the right solution at the right time when we all had to rush to working from home at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

But the growth of Teams has continued, even though some believe the growth has slowed down a little recently.

Teams is now part of some businesses, where the owners and managers, and team members, wonder how they ever managed without it.

Teams gives us the ability to stay connected wherever we’re working, and to collaborate on projects with no fuss or hassle.

Because it’s part of the MS 365 Suite, it’s the logical solution to keep a team working together in the hybrid work age.

One of the things that makes Teams so incredibly special is Microsoft’s commitment to constantly making improvements and adding more features. They’re not just making the core features better. They’re helping all of us be more productive and less distracted.


Over the past few months we’ve seen new features such as a virtual whiteboard you can use to throw around ideas in a video meeting. Also, new and improved chat features, such as pinning chats to the top. You can also filter messages more easily. And change your view to allow you to focus just on the task you’re working on.

There are always more new features in development to make the experience even better. There are three new features being released soon that we’re excited about.

The first is due for release this month. This feature probably should have been there from day one. When you rename a Teams channel, it will automatically change the name of the corresponding SharePoint folder! That’s a massive help when collaborating on folders and files. This will help to make everything a lot more organised and will save you time hunting for the right folder.

Then in June, a new Chat With Self feature will be available to us. This will allow you to send yourself notes, messages, files and images. How have we lived without this feature for so long?! We think this could be a real game changer.

And finally, an improvement to Teams calls you make from your browser, rather than the Teams app. It should be the same experience with the same features in both!! Which is massive when working with people that have not taken this on!

Of course, there are many other updates being released throughout the rest of the year. With Teams, there’s always an great new update on the way.

If you need any help setting up Teams so it’s customised to your business, get in touch.



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